Ideas and Time

One of the biggest barriers for artists is to be an artist. Some say, you are an artist all the time, you live and breathe being an artist because you are. Artists also need to find their audience and speak their truth through creating and if its constantly confined to your head – well you can imagine. I have ideas that go round and round and need to connect them to the practicalities of getting them done. I have a daughter, a dog, a house, a full time job, a photography business…

This is where I am at. I have studio, but do my day job there, sometimes, just so I can be near my art. It is impossible to turn off from work mode and go do some art practice, so it literally is, being near myself without the ability to act it out.

We all need to eat and pay rent. This is the dilemma. I sit here 4am, knowing I need to make a huge change to my work/art/life balance. It is not something you can turn off or pretend is a hobby. There is a voice and emotion inside that needs to be released.

My dreams are full of childhood references, that no amount of therapy has healed. It is something I have to recognise in my behaviours and be self aware. The art is my emotional outlet.

‘I have a cry trapped in my chest like a small bird…all of yesterday it was trying to get out”
These powerful words by @leilasegal – sang out to me one day, so often I feel like this…she is a beautiful writer. Recently I have been drawing on my digital tablet as this is at the kitchen table and it’s enable my audience to see another style of my practice. I am enjoying sharing another side to my art.

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