Who am I?


As a child, art saved me. I use my art and photography as an outlet or reaction. I am passionate about art and how it can help people express, create a voice, or enhance wellbeing. I believe culture is at the heart of being and connecting with other human beings.

I worked for many charity organisations and on projects in foreign countries until college in my 30’s lead to a degree in social science, after which I worked in publishing for NewScientist magazine for many years. After I had my daughter, I moved from London to Norwich which is a wonderful place to live. I am now an established specialist photographer and artist – work in communications and have an art studio based ran by Outpost Gallery in the fine city of Norwich. 


London born artist and photographer – Anita’s work is often autobiographical and extremely emotive. It is important to her that her images represent real life and emotion. She uses various techniques and mixes mediums until she has got her required effect. “I like layers and cracks and celebrate non perfection, both my photography and painting has been described as ‘gritty realist’ exposing issues and voices that challenge.  The work can also be representation of my own feelings or reaction to a situation.”

Why shouldn’t I be on a canvas’
This was an image taken whilst working on ‘Perception’ a community photography project where I worked along side street sex workers for 8 months. The resulting exhibition and details will be posted soon.