Award winning photographer Anita Staff specialises in working within the 3rd sector and uses visual arts in her community work. Her extensive experience allow her images to capture the energy and emotions of the people that she so loves to work with. Her documentary and portrait photography is not only a record of an event but an emotive insight resulting in diverse and stunning images. Follow anitastaffphotography on instagram for samples.

“Anita has the gift of being able to communicate with all ages, abilities and manages to reach those hardest to engage with her sensitive approach”…

Norfolk Arts Awards

The brave women you see in these photos are to me, radically beautiful. The first is in constant pain and only feels relief when being held together by tight clothing. The second are woman who are street sex workers using methadone and have lost all of their teeth recovering from heroine addiction – they say about their picture, ‘We are not lesbian, we are not gay, we are just in love’. The third, is a woman – wearing a tag, she wanted to express to her children not to follow in her footsteps.

Anita is also a community artist designing and facilitating participatory projects to bring about positive social change. You can see the resulting film here for an example project.

Awards: ‘The Education and Community Award’ at the 2012 Norfolk Arts Award, for “Her work with disadvantaged and hard to reach members of the community, using photography and film to help them break down stigmas”.

Disability Pride 2020 with her image representing how it is to have a hidden disability.